Are You More Godly or Worldly? Take This Quick Test

Here’s your Christian Question of the Week: Are you more Godly or more worldly?

As a Christian Business Strategist, I commonly find myself closely observing the Christian flock. As a late, according to Dr. James Dobson‘s, Family Talk guest Dr. George Barna, church numbers and millennials who accept and embrace the Christian lifestyle are spiraling downward. While, unfortunate as it is, we as Christians tend to be the first to point fingers away from ourselves toward a some other substitute scapegoat.

For the sake of each one of us who will stand accountable before God, this quick test, will if nothing else, conjure a deeper conviction how guilty we really are when determining whether we are focused upon a Godly or a worldly existence.

The “ME” Meter Test

Of all social media posts over the past week, which best describes your behavior:

  • More than 50% all about you
  • More than 50% about sharing love and being an encouraging force for others
If you find that you are slanting worldly, now would be a perfect time to pray upon how you can best serve using your social media practices.

My hope is that all of us will become far more mindful about who we think we are in relation to others and how we might become more selfless in all our ways. How might we be most useful to God with every new human encounter we make?

Let us remain humble in our approach when engaging with others. Let us remember that humility is not about thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.

Above and beyond your social media engagements, what one “new” thing might we all do better everyday to be a selfless source of love, encouragement, gentleness, comfort, strength, and loyalty for all who cross our path?

God bless and abundant love, T 🙂

Tony Marino, MBA

Tony Marino, MBA

Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Publisher, and Chief Strategist | Alive in Christ Radio Network (AICRN) & Christian Faith Lifestyle Magazine (CFLM).

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