Is Confusion Consuming You?

Sylvie HacheWhether you’re a teenager, young adult, single, common-law, married, or the parent of a struggling child, confusion is very painful and oftentimes has very agonizing effects.

Confusion sets in when we don’t know what to do in any given situation. Wisdom is knowledge; knowledge helps us know what to do when we don’t know what to do. Genuine knowledge provides correct answers. Having the right answers eliminates confusion.

It seems understandable to most that there are basic laws and principles we need to follow to ensure success in various areas of our life. To be physically healthy, we need to eat right, exercise and sleep well. To be financially prosperous, we need to get a job, work hard and be reliable — then manage our money by saving, investing and spending wisely. To be relationally successful, we need to love unconditionally and not be selfish. If we require help in any of these areas, we can seek professional support from a health practitioner, physical therapist, financial advisor or relationship counselor.

Then there is another aspect of life — mental and emotional — where a lot of confusion sets in. This area is guided mostly by our feelings, thoughts and opinions. It is also the area most hesitate to get professional support, fearing they will be deemed deficient or labeled with some sort of mental or emotional disorder. However, a great concern for many in engaging a specialist in this field (other than the obvious cost factor) is pouring their heart out and then getting filled back up with bad advice, potentially causing more harm than good.

Yet, there is an expert available for all of us in all these areas of life — one who is honest, truthful and completely trustworthy. One wise beyond anyone else in the world and who will never steer us wrong or give bad advice. One available to help 24/7 — any time, any place, anywhere. This advice is free of charge, yet priceless. All we are required to pay is a willingness to give up what is not working, in order to gain what is. Just like we cannot gain a healthy lifestyle without first giving up an unhealthy one; we cannot gain financial prosperity without first giving up undesirable work ethics and frivolous spending habits. Nor can we gain solid relationships without first giving up selfishness.

If we choose to follow this advice to the word, without faltering, we will be shown a way that is foolproof, successful and profitable. A way that will ensure we’ll be doing what’s right and ultimately reap the greatest benefits and rewards. This way is tried, tested and true. A way set in stone. It is unchangeable and will work today, tomorrow and forever for anybody, regardless of age, nationality, sex, social or economic status, marital status or sexual orientation.

When we first begin following this way, a lot will appear to contradict our own personal beliefs and opinions of what is right and wrong. But ultimately we have a choice: Either trust and believe this new way, or keep following our own thoughts, feelings and opinions. When we empty our self of our own beliefs and fill up with right thoughts instead, that’s when our life will change. Our eyes will become wide open to the truth and we will finally see clearly the right choices to make now and for the future to ensure happiness, success and prosperity in all areas of life — physically, financially, relationally, mentally, and emotionally.

The expert is the One who created us. The right way is His way, rather than our way. The choice is ours: to believe and gain expert advice for life, or not believe and risk remaining consumed by confusion for life.

Sylvie Hache’ embraced the homosexual lifestyle for 13 years before receiving life-altering insight that caused her to turn her life around.  She is now dedicated to helping other who currently live a non-straight lifestyle [or who are consider it] to receive this life-altering truth and insight so they too, can enjoy the life they were born to live.  She lives in Ontario, Canada.

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