OMG! US VP Mike Pence Touched That!

Today, the Internet is running a muck with notable whiners whining away. This time they’ve dropped into the fetal position all because Vice President Mike Pence touched a “Do not Touch” sign while touring NASA. OMG!

He did nothing wrong. He did not touch the “sign” – not even once!

Here’s the humble response I posted this morning on a colleagues blog thread.

After reviewing today’s trending topics, it appears that many struggle with majoring in the minors (VP Pence touching an object with a paper sign attached… Really? Who cares! Why do you think the sign was out there in first place? Everybody likes to touch. It’s human nature. What, VP Pence is now a super-perfect, non-human robot? People act as though its an electric fence or somehow the unit in question is now useless because someone touched it. Listen, if that thing is designed to withstand space, I hope it can handle an intimate brush of appreciation and respect by our VP or anyone else.)

What we have here is a common “human tell.” (Psych 101). A “tell” about the person talking and not the person of who they speak. In other words, these political snipers give away far more about themselves, and not so much about who they might choose to toss under the bus.

The country is riddled with armchair quarterbacks. (Baseless bloviators and self-proclaimed know-it-all ninnyhammers.) Not many with the guts to get in there and govern a country. Thus, their claim to fame is obvious: To remain divided by spreading verbal poison. Bummer. Life is way too short. Do you people, and you know who your are, wish this message to be your brand or your legacy. If so, OK. Freedom of choice, but “Wow!”

Rather than protest against something, why not march proudly for something? That’s probably why only 2% make it big by doing, while the other 98% do nothing more than yap (talk a big game and produce nothing more than empty words no one really cares about).

As proud patriots of our God-anointed country, we are aware of our flaws, but aspire to be better and love more! For those looking for the flaw in others ought to invest in bettering themselves, rather than feebly attempting to correct everyone else. Here’s a tip: If you make yourself right, many will follow. If you spread hate and divisiveness, you will find yourself in a wallowing pit of like-minded, negative, non-driven, frightened, and insecure babies. Small boats without oars or navigational sense. If that is your objective in life, “do it well!” I choose coming together to make us better. Put another way, how can we draw upon the gifts and talents of others to imagine, build, and sustain a greater future for the many generations who will follow in our footsteps?

Before changing the world, we must first be willing, and then, be the change.

Legacy Self-Assessment

What type of footprint will leave behind? What positive change can you promote today; while you still can? Please consider the following questions and reflect upon the essence of your outcome.

  • What teaching will you leave behind?
  • What greatness will add to mankind?
  • Who today have you selflessly blessed by giving your loving attention?
  • Who can you encourage right now?
  • What can you do to make America great?

You can continue to superfluously send out social hate mail, or you can take your unique gifts and talents into the world and be someone’s guiding light. The choice is yours. As for mu house, I choose to connect, collaborate, and cultivate love. How about you? What legacy will you leave behind when you die in a few shorts years?

What difference will you make?

God bless America, its leaders, and ALL its people. 🙂 T

Tony Marino, MBA

Tony Marino, MBA

Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Publisher, and Chief Strategist | Alive in Christ Radio Network (AICRN) & Christian Faith Lifestyle Magazine (CFLM).

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