Here is an excerpt from my Comedy Devotional book, “The Truth Shall Make You Laugh.” As a child, I always knew there was something special about my grandfather but I was completely grown before I discovered exactly what that was. He was a wonderful man and I am happy to share a little of his life with you. Enjoy.


Grandfather Pa was quite a character. He was such a cheerful soul and nearly always whistling. If he wasn’t whistling, he was humming a happy tune or singing a song and deliberately getting the words wrong. My grandmother Mockie, on the other hand, was quite the serious type. They couldn’t have been more different. In addition, Pa was rather short and very thin, while Mockie was, well, round. When they stood side by side, as someone said, they looked like the number 10.

Pa was always saying little funny things. He called helicopters “heckticopters” because, according to Pa, he didn’t say bad words. He had nicknames for all of us grandkids and he was forever quoting poetry. One of my favorites was: “He’s a poet and he don’t know it But his feet show it…

They’re longfellers.”

I was fully grown before I realized this was a word play on the poet Longfellow. In fact, I think I just figured that out a couple of weeks ago.

There are some people who brighten up a room when they walk in the door. Pa was like that. He was full of a joy that radiated from within. He was ready to forgive and always looking at the good in others instead of the bad. As a child, I knew he was fun to be around but I wasn’t yet aware of his source.

“How blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee; in whose heart are the highways to Zion! Passing through the valley of Baca, they make it a spring.” (Psalm 84:5-6)

The word “Baca” means “weeping.” Here is a person who passes through the valley of weeping but because of the great confidence and peace that he possesses, he turns the sadness into joy. He makes the valley of Baca into a spring.

What a perfect description of Jesus. When He shows up, everything is OK. Just knowing He is there is such a comfort. God cares and He is willing and able to direct, provide and communicate with us through those valleys. We simply need to remember to ask Him to walk beside us.

He’ll remind us of His promises and encourage us with His plan. And in His perfect time, He’ll turn our valleys of weeping into a spring.

As you and I find comfort in the company of The Christ, we eventually develop His character. Perhaps then we can become the person who is spoken of in the Psalm. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be the ones who turn valleys of weeping into springs as others see this unexplainable presence in us.

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