Becky Michel

Becky and Creative Expressions, is all about, creatively expressing, yourself! Becky believes you should never give up on your dreams. Go by faith, and believe in yourself. Use the gifts God gave you, for HIS glory! After all, you wouldn’t be here if he didn’t want you to be! What God calls you to do may seem odd to others, that’s why it is “YOUR calling!” Everyone has their own individual uniqueness, self-worth, gifts, and talents, which are given for purpose.

Michel Family: Becky and her husband Jeff live in the beautiful Ozark hills of Missouri where she enjoys spending time with friends, family, meeting new people, helping others, being creative, and serving The Lord! Becky is a homeschooling mom to three terrific kids, entrepreneur, photographer, accelerating author, and artist. You might say she’s “lots of ingenuity and aspiration”! Becky has written many books from children’s, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, to short stories. Miles of smiles is her current publication by Trinity Press International. As a children’s authoress, illustrator, and speaker, she encourages everyone to go for greatness and to do that, which you are called to do.

Tidbits: Besides the above mentioned, Becky enjoys traveling, adventure, fun, smiling, working out, the lake, shopping, learning new things, Toastmasters, and of course writing!

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