About: Bill Lohr

Bill Lohr oversees media and public relations for Faith Comes By Hearing. It is his first full-time ministry position and he has been with FCBH for two years. Previously, he fulfilled similar responsibilities in the political world – working on campaigns and for elected officials.

Bill and his wife, Jane, have been married for 20 years and they have an 18-year old son, Lincoln.

You can visit Bill and Faith Comes By Hearing at: www.faithcomesbyhearing.com

Faith Comes By Hearing: Ministry Overview

For 40 years, Faith Comes By Hearing has been standing with poor and illiterate people of the world to provide them the promises of salvation, hope and comfort in the Word of God. From cutting edge online and mobile technologies to solar-powered Audio Bibles used all around the world, Faith Comes By Hearing continues to innovate and invite people to hear God’s Word for themselves.

Internationally, Faith Comes By Hearing:

• records the Bible in audio format in the heart languages of the world.
• has the New Testament recorded in high-quality audio in 674 languages.
• discipled nearly 8.5 million people in 2009 through Audio Bible listening programs. (You’ve Got The Time)
• works in over 150 countries, using the digital audio playback device called the Proclaimer.
• more than 317,000 Proclaimers are in use worldwide, helping establish over 630,000 listening groups.
• partners with Campus Crusade’s JESUS film, United Bible Societies and many others.

Using web and mobile technology, Faith Comes By Hearing:
• has the world’s largest digital resource of audio and print Scriptures. (Digital Bible Platform)
• has web domains in about 120 countries.
• provides more than 650 heart-language Audio Bibles for free on iTunes, as well as free streaming and downloads on their website.
• continues to expand the groundbreaking mobile app – Bible.is. Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android-devices. Bible.is offers Scripture in over 650 languages and has access to the JESUS film in over 25 languages.

Through churches and parishes, Faith Comes By Hearing:
• works to get church-goers engaged in God’s Word.
• distributed more than four million Audio New Testaments on MP3 discs in 2009.

With the U.S. military, Faith Comes By Hearing:
• designed, and has deployed more than 228,000 Military BibleSticks since 2008.
• partners with over 1,100 chaplains to provide these portable, rugged Audio Bibles to America’s brave men & women in uniform.




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