About: Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill – Missionary to Southern Africa
I’m 23 years old currently been living in Southern Africa for the past 5 years doing ministry work, I studied for 3 years at Seminary in South Africa, and for the past 2 years I’ve been working in full-time ministry, I started an organization called Visions of Africa Ministry (VOA) that works directly in the field of community development, partnering with 3 churches and 11 different community based ministries in Pretoria South Africa, using community development as a tool to share the gospel. The ministries that VOA partners with are involved with work in the areas of Prisoner Rehabilitation, Orphan and Vulnerable Children Care, poverty alleviation, job/life skills development and job creation. To read and find out more about me and Visions of Africa Ministry check out the website at www.VisionsofAfricaMinistry.com


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