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Alive in Christ Radio: Christian Faith Lifestyle Magazine: Charlotte Ramsey ChaneyCharlotte Ramsey Chaney is a writer and speaker whose passion is to draw all women towards the transforming power of God’s unconditional love. Infusing the Word of God into the world we live in, Charlotte desires to see women set free from the bondage of lies, unmet expectations and lost dreams. In 2007 Charlotte founded Charlotte’s Heart, a speaking and writing ministry that reaches women worldwide with messages of hope, personal value and practical solutions for parenting, marriage, self-worth and closeness with God.

Having walked through some of life’s biggest trials like a life touched by addiction, fighting stage 3 rectal cancer while raising 4 sons, and learning how to commit her heart to the Lord in the trials and tribulations that surface in marriage, Charlotte takes the lessons she has learned and creatively presents how woman can thrive through biblical living today.

Her desire is to be used by God to refresh her audiences with the assurance that nothing can separate God’s children from His love and that all are invited to be called children of God, no matter what!

Along with great blessings, Charlotte has faced numerous dark valleys since she has known Christ personally. The hope she found through God’s faithfully kept promises is available to all. Charlotte’s passion is to communicate that life giving message as clearly, creatively and widespread as she can.

Charlotte’s relationship with Christ was sparked in the most unlikely of places, TV. While watching The 700 Club at age 27, the gaping void in her heart was lavishly filled when she was led to the throne of God where she received the grace and forgiveness that is offered to us all. Raised in church but blind to the freedom from fear, guilt and shame that come through knowing Christ personally, Charlotte’s passion for Jesus began when her blinders were lifted that day.

Since 1997 she has passionately followed Jesus and strives to obey the clear calling of the Lord on her life to minister to women through her study of His word and presentation of that knowledge through her vulnerabilities and gift of transparency.

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