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Kristine Mulholland is a Christian writer of God’s Word. Her writing and ministry is one that every Christian, in every stage of their walk, can learn from and relate to. “I was raised in a very legalistic church and was taught that the only way I could get God, my mother, or the congregation to love me, was to be perfect and follow all the rules; I had to earn their love.”  In her early twenty’s, she left that church, “I remember saying a goodbye prayer to God, telling Him that it wasn’t His fault, but that I just couldn’t do it anymore.  By then, I was a frustrated perfectionist living in a very imperfect body. I remember how sad I was to leave Him.”  Eight years later, her father came to Lord in his last months on this earth. After a long bout with his cancer, and having to care for him, Kristine was physically and emotionally exhausted. “It was my job to organize a funeral and make all the phone calls, but my strength was gone. So, his church – later mine – took over for me.  They showed me a love that I had never seen in a church.  I was so compelled to seek God’s face again.”

“In the last 10 years, since the Holy Ghost has poured out on me, there has been a gradual shaping, an unlearning of unhealthy habits and a retraining of my thinking, emotions, words, and most importantly, how I treat other people and myself.” This is the basis of Kristine’s most recent book in the works, “Get the Nursery Ready: There’s A Baby Coming! – The Birth of a Ministry.”, a personal devotion, of sorts, and memoir of Kristine’s testimony and experiences. “It is about how God has taken me from the gutter of life to the joyful, productive Christian I am today, ready and willing to be used by Him in a mighty way.” Humorous and emotional, each story is a window into how God exposes himself in simple, straight forward, everyday situations. Each chapter has a lesson for every Christian to learn and relate to. “I learned through a series of events that I didn’t have to earn God’s love, but rather, for some reason, he already loves me. I have grown so much since way back then.  I am a new person; I don’t even recognize my self.”

Kristine’s first book, “When You Pray, What Should You Say?” is a book of prayers on all major issues of life. “I heard in my spirit, “Write a book on prayer.” Yes, I heard it. The voice went on to say, “Write one prayer every day.” I felt at peace and excitement at the same time. I started writing…” This book is unique in that the prayers are put into layman’s terms and are designed specifically to help those new to prayer, but is also a great go-to for the seasoned “prayer.” Each of the over 120 prayers and topics reference at least one scripture, utilizing seven versions of the Bible throughout the book.

Kristine also has another book, a collection of affirmations that have been personally collected over a nine year period. “I started keeping these positive words on my bathroom wall so I could speak Godly words out loud each day. Overtime, as I collected more and more, I came to realize that there other people out there could benefit from my collection. So I decided to write a book to help other people.”  There are 250 affirmations. Each positive statement has scriptures for support. “Remember when Jesus was tempted by Satan he always started his reply to him with the words, “it is written”. Speaking God’s word is spiritual warfare. She addresses the importance of this in the introduction to “Did I Miss My Exit? – Using Positive Words to Get Where You’re Going.”

As well as her books, Kristine has a public Christian arts website called “Gathering Together”. “The purpose of ‘Gathering Together’ is to gather ourselves together in a common love: the love of writing about God and what he has done and is doing in our lives.”  Kristine publishes other’s fiction, poetry, quotations, meditations, praise reports, Bible studies, miracles, dreams, prayers, affirmations, goals and inspirational stories on the site. The site, to visit and/or publish, is completely free to the public.

“I wrote my first book when I was eight years old. My mother showed me how to fold paper and staple it in the middle to form a small book.  I can still remember slaving over that book, drawing pictures to add to the story – I had a desire to write, even then. Now, years later, I am still writing and my writing is the start of my ministry. My ministry has been the same as Jesus’ ministry. The Bible says that He went about just doing good. All of God’s children have been called to this ministry.  It is only after we get that understanding and put it into practice, that God will then show us our individually specific ministry.  My goals are to keep writing, to get published and to use my books and experiences to propel me right into a public ministry.  Of course that is my plan, we will have to see what God’s plan will be.  But I know whatever He does in my life will be exciting and powerful!”

You can visit Kristine at: www.gatheringtogether.webs.com


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