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Marty Angelo worked in the entertainment business from 1965 to 1980 as a television producer, record promoter, disk jockey, restaurant/nightclub owner and personal manager for rock ‘n’ roll bands. He received his first professional breaks from the late guitar legend Jimi Hendrix and Beatle George Harrison.

Though at times Angelo thought he achieved success, internally he always felt emptiness in his heart, sensing his life had neither real meaning nor true purpose. Nothing ever seemed to matter to him. Therefore, he lived an out-of-control sin-riddled lifestyle.

Angelo was arrested in 1980 for two counts of possession of cocaine. Through this life-shattering event he experienced a “new beginning,” a dramatic and electrifying conversion to Christianity. This miracle happened in 1981 prior to serving two-and-a-half years in a federal prison. God forgave Marty’s sins, blessed him with eternal life and filled the void in Marty’s heart with His Holy Spirit. His life finally began to matter and it took on a new meaning as he discovered God’s true plan and purpose.

Angelo helped many prisoners during his incarceration explaining to them that if God can change his life He can change anybody… including hardened convicts, drunkards and drug addicts. Many followed his advice.

Marty was released from prison in 1984 and is living his life as an example to other ex-convicts and former drug-addicts and alcoholics who want to serve God and be used by Him for His glory.

For more than 25 years, Angelo has worked with various ministries such as; The Fort Lauderdale Rescue Tabernacle (Faith Farm), Teen Challenge of Southern California, Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship Ministries, and The Drug Abuse Foundation’s Palm Beach County.

Marty is currently a full-time minister to prisoners, substance abusers and troubled celebrities. His nationwide ministry reaches out to prisons & jails, rehabs & support groups, schools & churches and various celebrities.

Angelo’s 15 years in the entertainment industry has given him a special burden for today’s celebrities who are doing the same drugging, drinking and law breaking he did while living in the fast lane in the music business. No one warned Marty of the consequences of leading such a life nor offered him any alternative directions. He prays others will learn by his mistakes and seek a better life.

Marty believes as a Christian he has an obligation to encourage troubled celebrities and others to try a better road to travel; one that leads to everlasting peace, happiness and a new life that truly does matter. He donates his services to celebrities using letters, books, faith-based rehab referrals and court appearances.

Marty Angelo is the author of the books, “Once Life Matters: A New Beginning,” and “Vision of Jerusalem: Now!”

Visit Marty at: http://www.oncelifematters.com


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