Michael Hargis

Young blood ministries was birthed while Michael Hargis was attending Brownsville assembly of God church in Pensacola, Fl. Michael stayed on the campus of Teen challenge Pensacola for one year during which time God led him through several different walks eventually leading him to start a ministry to reach out to youth who have lived less than perfect lives. As Michael’s heart bleeds for the youth, Young Blood Ministries reaches out to the church as well as the community with the goal to teach the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol, peer pressure and other issues of today’s youth in order to equip them to live full, happy, productive lives.

Michael S. Hargis, was 9 years old when he was molested by a babysitter. At the age of 14 he was introduced to drugs and alcohol, and at the age of 16 ran away from home. From the age of 14, Michael has been through 7 drug treatment centers and has been jailed numerous times. Feeling that Satan had backed him into a corner and feeling no hope, he began to contemplate suicide until one night when he completely gave up and cried out to God. God heard his cry and the next day two different people arrived at his house within an hour of one another telling him that God had sent them.  These people had never been to his home before. Realizing that God had literally led these people to his door he instantly knew of God’s love and that He truly cared for him. That night, Michael totally surrendered to the Lord and did nothing for the next year but seek God’s face which totally transformed and restored his life. “God told me I would be preaching His word and this is why He saved my life” says Michael.

Michael founded Young Blood Ministries, which seeks out troubled teens. He travels to youth groups, both in and out of the church, teaching the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol and sharing his testimony. He has written a book entitled “What Every Teenager Should Know” and is currently writing his second book, Greater Understanding” to be released in the near future.


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