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Sylvie HacheSylvie Hache’ is a devout Christian who uses her faith as a platform to help others find peace and happiness. Author and entrepreneur Sylvie Haché recently released a book entitled “Insight in Sight – Was I Born Like This?” in which she shares an insightful look at the struggles many face while making lifestyle choices, particularly those who question their sexuality.

A woman who has lived both heterosexual and homosexual lifestyles, Sylvie discloses the “natural consequences that can affect those living a non-straight lifestyle.” With a passion for helping those struggling with their true identity, Sylvie shares her personal story of living a non-straight lifestyle for 13-years to reveal truth and provide hope, particularly to those hurting or confused – whether gay, straight, questioning or Christian.

Her story not only reveals truth about God’s Will for our lives regardless of which sin struggles we are faced with, it also graciously exposes the overwhelming power of love and generosity of Christians, when she shares the beautiful compassion of a Christian family who opened up their home and heart to her, and the great impact that act of obedience had on her life. Through them she gained insight regarding the truth about homosexuality in a loving, non-judgmental, non-offensive way. This has set the framework for her own ministry where now she shares the unconditional love of Christ to those seeking to know the truth.

Sylvie has received high praise for her skillful writing and insightful commentary and has become a regular contributor with GodzGurlz, a free online Christian magazine, and has conducted numerous radio and TV interviews, and speaking engagements in churches.

For more information, you can visit or contact her at www.sylviehache.com.


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