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Here you will learn about all the amazing guests and show subjects for the Divine Intervention Radio Show.  “Divine Intervention” is an interview show that features intriguing people who have experienced the hand of God in amazing ways.  Divine Intervention was created and produced  with the purpose of encouraging believers, spiritual seekers and skeptics alike that Jesus is alive, and is still performing miracles and working in the world today.

Hosted by Daniel Fazzina, The Divine Intervention Radio Show debuted in April of 2007 on WLIX Radio on Long Island, New York, and can now also be heard in Pennsylvania on 720 AM The Rock, in Connecticut on WCSE and WFIF, in Chicago on WJUS and on the Internet at Alive in Christ Radio and VIP Internet Radio.  Daniel’s award winning book, “Divine Intervention: Amazing True Stories of God’s Miracles Today: Volume I” which is a collection of 33 different people’s true miracle testimonies, was released in May 2007.  His second volume of miracle testimonies, the award winning “Divine Intervention: Amazing True Stories of God’s Miracles Today – Volume II” was released in November 2010.  We hope all of the miracles and testimonies featured here inspire you.  Please leave us your comments and feedback, as we love to hear from our listeners.

Divine Intervention Radio:


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