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This Day Ministries is a preaching ministry that is focused on challenging, motivating, and inspiring people to passionately pursue God’s glory in all that they do.

This Day Ministries was formed through the inspiration of Joshua 24:15 which says, “…choose for yourselves This Day whom you will serve…”, and it is through this calling that our heart’s desire is to help others pursue an intimate and personal relationship with Christ Jesus today – this day – and to live a life fully committed and surrendered to Him – all for the praise of His glory.

In addition, This Day In The Word and Strength For This Day are the bible-based radio ministries of This Day Ministries. In a culture that is saturated with religious pluralism and relativism, it is our conviction that wounded and empty hearts are in desperate search of substance and truth to fill the void. What could possibly bring contentment to the discouraged human heart as we all long for peace in the midst of the struggles and challenges of this life? Gimmicks? Games? No. The answer is simple and is found in none other than the timeless truths that are written in the pages of the inspired Word of God – The Bible.

Our prayer is that as you tune-in to the This Day In The Word and Strength For This Day radio broadcasts, that God would encourage, challenge, and inspire you to live passionately for Him and His glory.

Listen to an episode of Jon Couch’s, “This Day in the Word.”

Jon Couch | This Day Ministries


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