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Hopesmith. Dream inspirer. Master of “it’s all about relationships.” Aficionado of inappropriate laughter, Kathryn Lang has helped others find the time to make their dreams come true. As wordsmith, master multi-tasker, and encourager extraordinaire, Kathryn knows you have a unique purpose and a designed path and she believes that if you discover that unique purpose you will find the way to walk the path with boldness.

Words have power. Kathryn Lang has watched that power heal hearts, and she has also watched as that same power destroyed lives. Her goal is to harness the power of words to infuse courage and purpose in the lives she encounters. Kathryn believes in growing HOPE and she knows that growing up Hearts Open to Pursue the Extraordinary will begin to change the world.

She puts words to work in her freelance career – where she has penned a dozen print books and over 18 eBooks. She helps others give life to their words through the SouthEastern Literary Tourism Initiative (SELTI.org), the Mountain Valley Writers, and through the Jump Start coaching program.

I like to paint a canvas of hope and possibility using words.

As an award-winning author and indie publishing advocate, Kathryn always finds new avenues for moving words. It is not as much about getting the words to flow but about finding ways to harness their powers for good in her life and in the lives of those around her.

Keynote speaking has opened up new doors for the sharing of words and for the measurable growth of relationships opportunities. “After all, it is all about relationships.” Kathryn encourages the investment in building community and the pursuit of being relentlessly helpful to all that she encounters. “I am first a hopesmith.”

About Kathryn

Award winning author Kathryn C. Lang, winner of the nation’s first Tourism Fiction SELTI award, lets life infuse her creative spirit with stories of possibilities. Each woven creation, paints a journey of a life that has been lived beyond the ordinary and expected – even if for a moment.

Kathryn C. Lang lives and writes in a little cabin in the woods in North Alabama. Her encouragement and support (and often her materials) come from her loving children and husband (and best friend for more years than either wants to admit). She and her husband home school the three boys (ages 7, 14, and 16).

She started writing at an early age and enjoyed the opportunities writing allowed for entertaining and encouraging others. She followed a different path in college and pursued a degree in Leisure Services with a focus on tourism and commercial recreations. Her work in Leisure Services for the University of South Alabama and NAS Cecil Field still allowed her to entertain and encourage others – often with written words.

The desire to write full-time came back to her in 2005 when she began writing a monthly column for the Huntsville Times. Sharing the words of hope each month gave her hope. She knew there was no going back.

It took a few years to build up her writing reputation, but the internet opened up doors that would never have been available just a few years before. Kathryn started creating content for websites around the globe, and through their encouragement and instructions, she launched her own websites. Her freelance writing career became a full-time profession in 2007. Her writing moved from content for others to her own niche and focus in 2010.

Her passion for helping others find a life of peace and joy has provided her with opportunities to share her encouragement through her own experiences in words both written and spoken. Kathryn believes that each person has a unique purpose to fulfill. She desires to help others find their own path to that purpose and design. A life lived in purpose will be one filled with peace.

Kathryn writes a regular column of good, positive and uplifting thoughts and inspirations in The Lakeside Post, on her websites, and for other websites in her niche. Her columns have been packaged into gift books – Journey Through Reflections (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4) – which are available in print and electronic forms through Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other bookstores.

The words of hope and encouragement on her website www.proverbs31life.com were developed into a bible study and later published as Practical Proverbs. This book offers eight traits from Proverbs that can help you begin to grow your own life of peace and joy. You can order Practical Proverbs through Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other major bookstores in both print and electronic editions.

RUN – her début novel – begins the Big Springs series. RUN follows Sara as she tries to get away from the murder of her husband and discovers that the past has a way of finding you no matter how hard you run. WATCH – book two of the Big Springs series – follows Karen. She has lost her friend. Strangers have invaded her town. And now she finds out her life is in danger. Betrayal, threats and explosions – Karen tries to unlock all the secrets before those that watch her can send her to join her friend.

“Four Questions” is a workshop and seminar series that challenges participants to answer four questions to discover their unique place in God’s purpose. Kathryn works with her husband, Keith, to present the workshop and seminar to Sunday school classes, church groups and Bible studies. “Four Questions” came from the new non-fiction book, A Place in Purpose.

Kathryn offers a phrase of hope to shine the Light on the moment. She works through her columns, articles, books and workshops. Her personal hope is that every person who encounters her words will feel as if those words are written (or spoken) just for her or him.

In my fiction, I tell a story that provides an uplifting message entrenched in hope. In my non-fiction and columns, I offer words that will point to hope. In my talks, I tell stories that inspire hope. Helping others discover their path to hope is my focus.

I write to a woman who is trying to walk the tightrope of family, work and God – and keep them all in the right balance. She has a sense of humor, enjoys a little snark now and then, and references movies and songs in her every day speech. She plays with words and enjoys being around others that can keep up. She has a solid relationship with God, but hungers to go deeper. She is not afraid of faith in her own life or in the lives of those she encounters. She lives a life reaching for the rainbow.”

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