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“Is it OK to laugh during your devotions? If not you should not listen to Matt Fore’s, ‘The Truth Shall Make You Laugh.'”

Filled with hilarious tales and humorous wit, this audible twist on your quiet time surprises you with encouragement and delights you with insights from ‘On High.” Relax, smile and enjoy the soulful piano sound as you soak up new revelation from the word of God. It’s the best 90 seconds of your day.”

Matt Fore was born at an early age on October 26, 1958 in the small mountain village of Morristown Tennessee or it may have been somewhere up north.

Matt Fore was born at an early age on October 26, 1958 in the small mountain village of Morristown Tennessee or it may have been somewhere up north. Anyway, for a while he was all pinkish and could barely see or speak. His hands were so small that he had to use bridge size playing cards to do a one handed cut and Hofzinger spread control because the standard blue backed Tally Ho poker cards were too big. He spent what seemed like months just lying around and drinking. Fifty some odd years later he is a professional magician, sleight of hand artist and entertainer with over twenty five years of experience having performed, in that time, for literally dozens of people.

Matt’s interest in trickery began when he was still very short. He had a very keen and alert brain and a very keen and alert brain as well as a brain that very alert and keen. Naturally he wanted to be a nuclear physicist but his parents encouraged him to be a sleight of hand artist. “Go where the money is!” they would say and they were right as today he earns, let’s just say, four figures. There is no doubt that he will someday be a world famous magician so if you book him now you will be able to say that you knew Matt Fore when he was absolutely nobody.

Matt currently lives in East Tennessee and spends much of his time on the road as the featured entertainer for many corporate functions, church-wide events, sports evangelism celebrations, banquets and conventions. He has performed throughout the Caribbean on Carnival Cruise Lines and was an opening act for Crystal Gayle. He has appeared in a music video with Taylor Swift and has performed on several national TV Shows including the Crook & Chase show on TNN, Fox Sports and The Dennis Swanburg Show. He has also performed numerous times at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood California.

But the list doesn’t stop there. Matt has also performed at Carnegie Hollister’s birthday party, The Grand Ole Opportunity House and Johnny Carson Smith’s Wholesale Pork and Packaging. He has also attended concerts by some very famous groups including Three Dog Night and The Marshall Tucker Band and has watched many famous television programs. He wears a size 11 shoe. Sometimes 10 1/2 depending on the brand because some brands are too narrow causing unnecessary discomfort and unexplainable facial expressions at the wrong time. Like when someone is telling a joke.

Actual facts about Matt Fore that will probably bore you out of your mind:
  • Twice voted “Magician of the Year” – International Brotherhood of Magicians – Ring 63
  • Convention awards in both close-up and stage magic
  • Carnival Cruise Lines Entertainer
  • Humorist/Sleight of Hand Artist and Speaker for Corporate and Church Events across the US
  • Opening Act for Crystal Gayle, Mark Lowry, Wayne Watson
  • Performer at Hollywood’s Magic Castle
  • Nation TV appearances on TNN’s ‘the Crook & Chase Show”
  • “The Dennis Swanberg Show”
  • “Fox Sports”
  • Appeared in a promotional video with Taylor Swift
  • Author of the book “The Truth Shall Make You Laugh.”
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