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Alive in Christ LIVE Radio :: Radio Liner Notes :: Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Main Show Topic: Deepening Our Faith
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Although the people of faith listed in Hebrews 11:13-16 died without receiving all that God had promised, they still believed that God would keep His promises. Many Christians become frustrated and defeated because their needs, wants, expectations, and demands were not immediately met when they believed in Christ. They become impatient and want to quit. Are we discouraged because we are still waiting for a promise to be fulfilled? We can take courage from these heroes of faith who lived and died without seeing the fruit of their faith on earth, yet continued to believe.

It is our prayer that you be Spirit-filled and blessed by what you will discover on this unique edition of Alive in Christ Radio LIVE.

During these two hours, we will learn how God’s perfect love and faithfulness can help us walk hand-in-hand with God—leading us through this life into a life of total victory, in all things, through His anointing, discernment, and great comfort.

Special Guest: Susan Waldrop, Visionary, Speaker, and Author

We round out our program with features including Joyce Meyer’s “Everyday Moments;” Dr. James Dobson’s “Family Talk;” Focus on the Family’s “Plugged-In Movie Review” and “Family Minute;” Beth Moore’s “A Quick Word;” Luis Palau’s “Reaching Your World;” Dave Ramsey’s “Daily Money Makeover;” and Matt Fore’s “The Truth Shall Make You Laugh.”

On this episode we will learn to, “let go and let God.”

“The harvest is great, but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37

Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || In-Studio Guest: Susan Waldrop

Susan [Feltman] Waldrop was born in Mitchell, South Dakota in the early 50’s and at 4 months old her family moved to Sun Valley, CA. where they lived until the early 60’s and then moved again to Canyon Country, CA.

An only child, left handed, with no family to speak of near, Susan grew up entertaining herself with her dogs, cats, and few close friends. She never cared to spend time with the other kids, but always wanted to be around the adults.

She graduated from Canyon High School and Western Medical and Dental School but the Dental field never could keep her attention. A close friend of hers came from an entertainer’s family and he encouraged her to get up for the first time on a stage and sing. She did, and one door led to another, and she soon found herself caught up in a world of entertainment too quickly.

She was asked to come to Europe by a talent scout but she declined during a national tour with the Doodle Town Pipers. She quit the group for the lifestyle as she wanted nothing to do with the parties. She chose to stay in her room and read her bible instead. They all thought she was crazy. She didn’t care.

She married Steven Waldrop and left the entertainment industry completely. Fate was soon to find her though and she found herself again on several stages only this time, it was spreading the gospel.

Internationally recognized for her God given gift from birth to hear the Lord so clearly, she has been acknowledged by past presidents of the White House, A list celebrities, businessmen, and Doctors. Her Awards, Nominations, Honors and Endorsements span from the White House to everyday people.

A singer/songwriter several of her songs including ‘Heavenly Love’ were on rotation in the British Isles on a European Tour in 2003. She has sung and entertained for the Bob Hope USA show and the Doodle Town Pipers in the 70’s.

Executive producer she produced and starred in ‘A Peace of Jackie’ a short film which received international recognition in Romania and also Officially Selected for the ‘Showcase’ at Arclight Cinemas in the L.A. Film Shorts Festival and personally endorsed by the Sonoma Film Festival.
She has developed and produced 7 Television Series simultaneously for 3 years in the 90’s, and hosted one with her family at the time, some guests including Art Linkletter, and Pat Boone. Susan has been guest on several Radio Shows including; Paul Stern’s ‘CRN Digital Talk’ and Television Shows such as ‘Christian Magazine’ with host Dr. Christine Daniel over the years in America and Europe.

After years of Evangelizing from 1984, receiving several community awards, as well as International Angel Awards for Excellence in Media, many miracles were recorded happening in the services, prayer groups, outreaches, and television shows which covered over 3 million homes. Through this, Miracle Ministries was formed by the grace of God, and registered as an internet and home church, a non-profit organization.

She recently went back to school, and was graced with divine favor with grades, honors, even in the midst of strife. She was voted by her fellow students as the ‘best in class’ as Interviewer for Announcing and Performing for Media but the greatest accomplishment she says was the faces of the students that told her with tears in their eyes, “It is because of you, the I have rededicated my life to Christ.”

Throughout her life she has held several revivals, meetings, and been guest speaker at several functions where celebrities have even stopped her and said how deeply they were touched by the words she used behind a microphone.

The miracles that were reported throughout her lifetime were too many to begin telling about here. The 8 years of ministering at Wayside Honor Rancho Jail bore much fruit of inmates coming up to her after they were released telling her with tears in their eyes of the glory of their lives now that they are saved all because she came to visit and minister to them. The open visions, the dreams are all amazing, and she is currently writing about them and also speaks about them from time to time. To God Be The Glory

Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || Features:
Joyce Meyer || Everyday Moments
Focus on the Family || Focus on the Family Minute
Luis Palau || Reaching Your World with Luis Palau
Focus on the Family || Plugged-In Movie Review
Beth Moore || A Quick Word
Dave Ramsey || The Daily Money Makeover
Dr. James Dobson || Family Talk

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George Vinson
SoJo Ministries
Rachel Keagy
Jme Medina

Alive in Christ Radio LIVE || Christian Book of the Week:
Author: Adam Hamilton
Title: 24 Hours That Changed the World

Description: No single event in human history has received more attention than the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. In this book, Adam Hamilton guides us through the last twenty-four hours of Jesus’ life. Each chapter is designed to help the reader experience and understand the significance of Jesus’ suffering and death in a way you have never done before. Whether readers are long-time Christians or simply curious about the story of Christ’s crucifixion, they are invited to join the author in retracing the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. Although 24 Hours that Changed the World will be used as a Lenten read or in a Lenten study, Adam Hamilton’s name and the important subject matter will make this book an important read anytime of the year. Adam Hamilton is pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, one of the fastest growing, most highly visible churches in the country.

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Today’s Holy Bible Passages:
Matthew 10:39, Luke 9:23-25, Acts 8:18-24, 2 Corinthians 12:10, Ephesians 2:10, James 2:26.

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