Christian Business 360

Christian Business 360 exists to glorify God by helping Christian entrepreneurs expand their business skill sets and networking reach. This international Christian business radio program explores in-depth business management and leadership topics through a biblical lens.

Marketing, societal, cultural, and technological trends, social networking, financial integrity, market shares, human resources, and a host of relevant topics will be taught, shared, and discussed by the hosts Christian business consultants, Tony Marino, MBA and Pastor Jon Couch along with some of today’s most prolific guest business professionals.

As a Christian business owner, do you ask yourself these questions?
  • How do I know if my product will sell?
  • Where do I find consumers that want to buy my product?
  • How can I increase my business bottom-line?
  • How do I go about starting a business from scratch?
  • How can I use the Internet to reach my target audience?
  • What business mistakes should I avoid?
As Christian business owners, let us unite as we fortify our small, mid, and large organizations across today’s ever-evolving global business landscape. If you have been called by God to be a Christian entrepreneur, then Christian Business 360 is precisely for you.

Christian Business 360 is all about leadership, consumer behavior, product and service market entry, and developing a sustained competitive advantage from a Christian perspective.

Join international business consultant Tony Marino, MBA, Pastoral Discipler Jon Couch, and an array of unique and proven global professional business panelists as they share and discuss the latest business tips, trends, techniques, precepts, while you learn and apply these practical and useful strategies to help you achieve your distinct business goals and objectives.

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Consumer Motivation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Web and Social Media Precepts
  • Making Web Sense: Digital Marketing
  • Making Tough Business Decisions
  • Time Management
  • Branding: Building a Good Name
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Quality Management
  • Measuring Your Activities
  • Google and Your Business
  • The Art of Podcasting
  • Leadership Roles
  • Many more essential Christian business strategy insights and innovations

Join us every Wednesday from 12:00PM to 1:00PM Pacific on the Alive In Christ Radio 

New Spring Season Begins in February 7, 2017

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