Difference Between Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

Any businessman owning a manufacturing unit in UAE would very well know about the importance of both stainless-steel pipes and carbon steel pipe fittings. There are incredibly important components to provide robustness in the structure of big industrial machines. These fittings support various mechanical activities in a wide range of processes that are very crucial to maintain and even accelerate the rate of productivity in manufacturing units. Purchasing relevant products for your plant from widely respected stainless steel pipe fittings suppliers in UAE benefit you in the long run. Are you interested to know the differences between stainless steel pipe fittings and carbon steel pipe fittings? If yes, then read along.

Tensile Strength

Both categories of pipe fittings have comparable tensile strength. The applications of both these pipes occur in lots of activities in industrial settings and in certain cases, in residential settings, too. These fitting products are usually milled in closely similar processes. For the same activity, rather functionality, you can expect similar output from both these pipe fittings. To increase the tensile strength, and ductility of the pipe fittings, aluminum is added in some cases. Many industrialists prefer stainless steel pipe fittings when adding aluminum because these fittings have very good resistance properties against rust and similar corroding factors.


Weight is one of the major factors centering which the industrialists and engineers decide which category of pipe fittings to be used and to what extent. From a broader point of view, the stainless-steel pipe fittings have more weight than the carbon steel pipe fittings. Their usage depends on the exact nature and scale of the industrial task to be accomplished. For bulk usage, many prefer the carbon steel pipe fittings due to their lightweight attributes compared to the other category.


If you want to use pipe fittings for applications where you don’t want any kind of reactions, then it is wise to go for the stainless-steel pipe fittings. For several commercial purposes, these products are hugely preferable. But in cases when you want to pipe fittings to be more interactive with industrial functionalities, carbon steel products are used.


In terms of workability, it is practically very difficult to choose any one category, as both varieties are equally efficient in rendering the desired functions in industrial, residential or other types of commercial settings. From hardening effects to fabrication purposes, both these pipe fittings are equally good.

Make it a point to purchase pipe fittings materials from reputed stainless steel and carbon steel suppliers in UAE. You will be able to get them at affordable prices.


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