An Introduction to Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are a must-have equipment at your production site. They are fitted in your building’s structure. A single girder hoist uses two or more cranes depending on the size of the outlet. Girders are different from beams. The first component to be installed is the bridge that carries the load. It moves backward and forward through the breadth of the unit. The girder is fixed to the bridge crane. A trolley is installed to run at the top or bottom of the girder. This depends on the design of the building. If there’s space at the top to fit in the trolley, that’s beneficial. If not, it can run at the bottom also. Here are some advantages of using a single-girder crane.

Medium Duty Requirement

If your business requires a crane for light to medium work, installing a single girder crane is your best option. This could also mean that the floor space is limited. However, there’s a myth surrounding the durability of a single girder crane. It needs to be addressed here. They’re as tough and long-lasting as any other in the market.

Cost-Effective Option

A couple of factors come into play when designing a crane system. Choosing an overhead crane requires considering the space available. A single-girder crane is pocket-friendly and cost-effective as compared to a double-girder crane. This light-weight option uses less material and saves installation costs. This also means that they fit into the existing support structure.

Easy Maintenance

Needless to say, that single-girder cranes are easy to install and maintain. They have less components to look after. A security check needs to be made once every month to check whether any part needs additional care or not. Another advantage is that these parts can be removed and cleaned as well. This takes a few hours.

Simple Design

If you wish to set up a production unit quickly, then a single-girder crane system is a best choice that would fit in all the requirements. It’s easy to carry and uses a simple mechanism for installation. This simplicity will lead to smooth functioning and faster results. Once the setup is ready, the work can commence immediately thereby gain results quickly.


As discussed earlier, a single-girder crane is as efficient as its counterpart in providing quality service. Its strong built lends credibility to its design and overall function.

If you’re convinced to choose this machine, a crane manufacturer can help you set up this high-quality machine.


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