Different Types of Car Tyres Available 

When you are looking to get great performance for your vehicle, there are numerous things that you can do to improve and enhance the performance of your car. Even in all this, people tend to disregard tyres a lot. But the tyre is perhaps the most important part of a vehicle as it is the point of contact between your car and the road. With the right type of tyres such as Michelin tyres Dubai ones, your vehicle has the right boost needed to push it to higher speeds and stretch out its limits. However, pathways are different and not all tyres can manage all terrains and surfaces. In this article, we shall discuss different types of tyres you can find in different stores.

Winter Tyres

When the temperature is below a certain degree, standard tyres start to freeze up, thereby lowering its grip on wet surfaces. That’s why winter tyres are a must, as it prevents such issues. They help sustain grip and thanks to the unique grooves in the tread known as sipes they enhance braking capabilities, traction, and handling when driving during the season. The winter tyre boasts 1500. According experts, winter tyres provide up to 65% better grp in cold weather and quick in reducing braking distance than standard car tyres. This definitely makes a major difference when it comes to road safety.

All-Season Tyres

In the United Arab Emirates, it is a norm, and highly recommended for vehicle owners to have a set of summer and winter tyres. While winter tyres aren’t much of a big deal for some, in other countries, they are used only in remote places where the winter has a significant effect on the roads.

For this reason, it is always a good idea to buy all-season tyres. These types can do a perfect job both in winter and summer. They provide a better grip during winter and will also maneuver the road diligently in summer. Plus, you won’t have stress with seasonal tyre changes.

Summer Tyres

Keep in mind that treads are normally termed under a global context. In some place, summer tyres are a paramount seasonal replacement option. In the United Arab Emirates, summer tyres are normally installed to a vast majority of passenger vehicles, throughout the year.

They come in handy, especially in a place where heat waves are common and humidity. New tyres Dubai products for summer provide durability and grip in dry and wet situations because of a great road-hugging rubber and balance of water.


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