Selecting the Best Flowers for Any Occasion

Flower Shop Dubai

Flowers are one of the most versatile gifts. Although flowers are appropriate for almost any occasion, picking the right flower can be challenging. Each type of flower is specific to an event or occasion as they all carry different meanings. When you visit a flower shop Dubai, you may find it challenging to pick the right flowers for the occasion. Here’s how you can pick the perfect flowers depending on the occasion.


If you wish to send someone flowers on their birthday, consider sending fresh, special, and unique bouquet since they probably received a lot of flowers already. The best options are usually dahlias or peonies since they stand out from a bunch!


Apology flowers should be more personal and prove that you’ve put in a lot of thought into them. The best flowers for an apology are usually the person’s favorite colors, consider making a bouquet of their favorite flowers. They will forgive you in no time!

Congratulatory Flowers

Sending someone flowers to congratulate them on a new job, a promotion, or even graduation is essential. The type of flowers you send should represent your appreciation for them and how proud you are of them. The best flowers to express congratulations are either orchids, lilies, or roses as they are warm and suggestive. Also, put into consideration their favorite colors, the theme of their graduation, or their favorite flowers as well.

Express Love

Sometimes, you’ll want to send someone a bouquet just to let them know you love them and you’re thinking of them. We all know the best love flowers are roses, but if you’re looking to switch it up and try something a little unique, you can try garden roses instead. They are old-fashioned and simple yet classic.


White and green are often considered as the most appropriate colors when expressing sympathy. You may add a bit of color too and throw in a vase since they might be receiving a lot of flowers already. The best bereavement flowers are white lilies but you can also ask the florist for suggestions.

It is imperative to choose the most appropriate flowers to send for different occasions as it makes the sentiment more personal and sends a clear message of what you are trying to say.


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