What Is an Industrial Steam Cleaner – Where and How Does It Work?

Nobody likes dirt and stains. Yet, there is nothing we can do to avoid it. However, effective cleaning can solve hygiene related problems to a great extent. Industrial steam cleaning machines are a wonderful solution for cleaning all types of surfaces. They are unique in many ways and have minimal impact on the environment. This machine is loaded with salient features designed to cater to all kinds of cleaning needs.

What Is an Industrial Steam Cleaner?

An industrial steam cleaner, as the name suggests, uses steam or dry vapor to clean the surfaces. This means that the moisture content in the machine is as low as five percent. Walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces can be cleaned with this machine. The machine is an effective remedy for killing bacteria, germs and other microorganisms sticking to the surface.

Where Is It Used?

The machine is useful for restaurants, manufacturing industries, warehouse, food and beverage establishments etc. These industries accumulate dirt faster and effective cleaning plays an important role. Small openings and tight spaces are hard to clean and maintain. Dirt accumulated over years in tiny spaces can be easily removed with the help of industrial steam cleaner. Especially for restaurants, maintaining hygiene is crucial. Poor hygiene can have disastrous consequences.

An industrial steam cleaner will reach all the nook and corner and completely wipe off grease, oil and other sticky substances. These machines can also clean small industrial parts that are otherwise tough to clean. There is no need to dismantle the parts as the vapor fights stains even at the tiniest surface. Ceilings, walls, burners, hood, vents, stoves, conveyor belts, tubes, switches, sensors etc are freed from dust and dirt with high temperatures.

How Does It Work?

Chemical free cleaning is the most important advantage of this steam cleaner. Most machines rely on chemicals to achieve the desired cleanliness. However, industrial steam cleaners only use dry vapor as a weapon against dirt. The low moisture content ensures that the surface is clean as well as dry. Safety is one of the key features of this machine. The health of the workers is not compromised anywhere as this is a green and environment-friendly option.

The machine comes in different sizes. After analyzing your requirements, select a machine that aids quick cleaning. There are small as well as heavy machines made for different purposes. Buy the right accessories along with the equipment to ensure that you clean any compact space easily. The pressurized vapor also cuts down the total time required to clean.


Industrial steam cleaner is one of the top cleaning products in UAE.  The use of green technology without compromising on the effectiveness has made this product quite popular among industries looking for safe and eco-friendly options.


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